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Is The Place For Wandering Maniacs.

Where The Bike Becomes An Ultimate Partner & Indian Highways Are Calling To Ride.

The COUNTRY ROVERS journey started in 2014 with the aim to know to explore our colorful India on a bike…!

A bike gives you a sense of freedom that you don’t get on four wheels. Riding takes your senses on a different Significance.

The COUNTRY ROVERS strongly feel that the essence of India can be experienced on two wheels only, no other mode of transport gives that rapture of wandering.

COUNTRY ROVERS are made for those who have adventurous courage, high physical and mental endurance, and of course, have the desire to ride thousands of kilometers and explore the horizons of INDIA.

As a rider, you will be completely in a different state of mind, each road trip takes you on a different platform; you start to feel confidant, responsible and this experience gives you a

The stillness of mind.

You won’t explain until you experience the immense pleasure of riding for thousands of miles in a few days.

  • We Travel To____________

  • To Create Memories For a Lifetime;

  • To Get Away From Things;

  • To Have Something To Talk About;

  • To Have Something To Look Back Upon;

  • And Last But Not Least, To Appreciate Home;

  • So.........?

Become A
Country Rovers